Advice: Kitchener-Waterloo area

We are a family of 4 with 2 young kids. We are considering moving to Kitchener Waterloo area in April this year. We have been looking at the suggested websites: kijiji, zolo, viewit, realtor though we have not reached out to anyone or talked with any agents yet. Do you have any suggested realtors ? and in general any advice about moving to this area/surrounding areas ? Any apartment suggestions ?
We are looking for a non-basement accommodation of around 1200 sq ft (2 bed) with indoor laundry
thank you


I wrote this post a while ago, weighing the pros and cons, but I think it is still very relevant:

I cannot stress enough how hot the real estate market is - whether you’re looking to rent or buy. The good listings don’t last long (unfortunately for buyers/tenants). So please bare that in mind while apartment hunting.

For rentals I’ve never found a realtor to be necessary - you’ve pretty much listed all the useful websites for hunting (beware of scams though, especially on Kijiji).

When I was new to the area I found Reddit to be a good source of recommendations for apartments, shops, services, etc.

Here’s an apartment review thread:

Good luck!

Hi @ak45,
Thank you so much for your detailed response, this is so useful. We have been keeping an eye on the Real Estate in the area and it has definitely been intimating, renting seems to be the only option for now.
Reddit has been a great resource. Thanks again for sharing, appreciate it.

Hi - I am planning to move in April to Kitchener/Waterloo area, can you please suggest any good apartment to live ? Thanks