Advice on finding employers who can do LMIA

I’m a Master’s in Computer Application from India, and have around 15 years of progressive IT experience working in the US. Like others in this forum and due to obvious reasons (uncertainty for legal immigrants in the US) I’m also looking forward to migrating in Canada that would give me stability in the status and hence a peace of mind! I’m currently in Express Entry pool at CRS 427 with almost max in IELTS score and points for education/exp. The only unfortunate area I’m losing is in the age! With recent cutoff being 441+ this year (sadly, we missed the bus in 2017 where CRS stooped below 420!), I am trying to get a job offer that’d bump up my score by 50. Upon doing some initial research in the Canadian IT market, I feel that there is a high demand of my type of skillset/role (for instance, there are jobs that are lying open for more than a couple of months in the company job portals!) however, no employer bothers to respond back when it comes to sponsoring a foreign skilled worker by doing LMIA etc.
Given the above, I’d really appreciate if I can get some guidance from the experts here who can help introduce me to the employers who are willing to bring foreign skills aboard.

Thanks in advance!

Still waiting for expert advice… could anyone please respond? Thanks, Rashmi.

You may not necessarily need a LMIA.

In most cases, a valid job offer must be supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

LMIA exempt jobs:

Also, the difference between “almost max IELTS score” and max IELTS score can be big!

If your job is indeed in demand in Canada you should consider moving there first on a work permit and apply after a year under CEC, PNP or EE. In general, without a PR it is hard to get interview calls, although people do get it now and then.

While looking for a job don’t even mention LMIA because like PERM, it takes time money and effort and employers don’t want to do that. Just look for a job first. LinkedIn is very useful for scouting jobs.

You can also consider moving there for higher education and then trying for PR. From what I have read students can work outside campus.

Thanks for your inputs! To answer to few of your points mentioned:

LMIA Exempt jobs: unfortunately, I haven’t seen any openings suiting my skillsets, in the jobs/employers that are LMIA exempt. I’ll continue monitoring though!

IELTS score - I understand at times a small bump in IELTS could make big difference however in my case, it’s not. If I put max band for both myself and my spouse, our current CRS score gets up by just 3 points, which, given the current scenario would not help us, and it doesn’t make sense to invest money for another round of tests. Sigh!

Regarding the 3rd point (moving to Canada on a work permit) - could you or anyone please provide some pointers on this. I have heard of GTS and this also has been discussed may a times in this forum. Is it possible if I can get help being introduced to some potential employers who are willing to recruit foreign skilled workers under this stream? FYI - I have already submitted my profile with movnorth, and waiting for a job match. Additionally, I know of some employers that have matching positions opened up for quite some time. Can I get introduced to them via movnorth?
Thanks again!

Most employers require you to already be working in Canada and/or have a PR before they consider you for interview (just like in the US), although there are exceptions and if profile matches someone may reach out. Finding jobs and the interview process will be same as in the US. If EE is impossible, then it really comes down to whether you are willing to move there first on a different visa (student, work permit), and then look for jobs.

Hello Rashmi,
Any luck in securing the job offer / LMIA from Canada.
I am also in a similar situation like yours and planning to start my Canada express entry profile and currently evaluating if it is even worth since age is not on my side and moreover with good IELTS I will not be crossing CRS-400.
Do you think if it is even worth it to try and start the express entry profile.
Only hope is to get a Job offer with LMIA that will bump my score to 450.