Advice on things to do before making the final move?

Hi All,

We got our COPR stamped in March 2020 and are waiting to make a final move sometime in a year or so ( depending on how the pandemic fares).My question is what preparations can/should we do before we make a final move? Anything that we should be applying for from US? So we have received our PR cards. Our kid’s PR application was canceled and IRCC told us to reapply for their PR card.But as kid is a US citizen and has a stamped COPR, we decided to apply for their PR card once we make the final move.


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You can apply SIN from Usa and get SIN by mail to the Usa address you mentioned within 20 business days.

Documents required:
Bank Statements


Make sure to get an abstract for your driver’s license from the DMV so that you can exchange your DL here.




Hello I am Indian citizen, we have valid COPR for me, my husband(Indian) and son(US citizen). Planning to travel to Toronto, Canada by Air. We were not asked to retake any medicals and PCC, but we took an Upfront medical be on safe side when landing. Also, i made reservations for our stay. I would like to know did anyone being an Indian or any non- US citizens, traveled from US with valid COPR to activate/get their PR cards. Please let me know your experience. Thank you