After IELTS & WES, how to start profile in CIC Website?

Hello Community - I need help here. Me and my wife have finished the IELTS and probably a week away from the WES Evaluation. Meanwhile I wanted to know what is the next steps in CIC website. I noticed multiple links ( pardon me if I am wrong ).
There is one for CRS score.
There is one for Find Eligibility and finally for the CIC page.

How to go about each one? Most of the forum posts point out to only 1 link:

Is there step by step process for the CIC website?


You will need to create an online express entry profile. Use the below link to begin. At this point in addition to your IELTS scores, the only other thing you need is the ECA from WES. Seems like you have both of these under control. This profile will give you your CRS score. Then based on that score you will be eligible for an ITA if the score is higher than the draw score. There are multiple draws through the year. FYI you can also just use a CIC points calculator to see what your score is. The last cutoff was 441

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@kumar.ganesan, here are the steps in order to create your Express Entry profile:

  1. Using the Come to Canada tool (, you need to answer a series of questions in order to get the personal reference code. You will need this code later so make sure that you note it down somewhere. This code has a 2 month validity period so if you don’t use it within 2 months, you will need to go through this step again to get another code.

  2. You will need to create a GC Key ( This will be used for your future logins.

  3. Once you have created the key and signed in, select Express Entry from the list of options in order to create your EE profile. Once you select it, you will need to provide your personal reference code.

  4. After this, you can build your EE profile and submit it when you have everything entered.

All the best!

P.S: The CRS tool ( is just for reference to check what your approximate score would be.

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@mrandmrs This is good info. Many thanks. After sign in, i see there are 2 things to do. One is to create a profile and another is to create an application. So we have to do both correct?

Also we create 2 profiles and 2 application ( each one for me and wife ) ?


P.S. Just got the ECAs for both me and my wife

I don’t remember exactly but I think once the profile is created by selecting Express Entry, it would automatically start your application.

Only 1 profile is required - if you are the primary applicant and your wife is dependent or vice versa. If you are both applying individually without either of you being dependents, you can create 2 profiles.