After Landing, COPR expires soon

I have successfully landed in Canada as a PR. Now, post-landing, my COPR document expires within a short time, but the PR card will take 6-8 weeks to arrive. Is this a problem? Should I do something about it, like asking to extend COPR?

Once you land it doesn’t matter if the COPR or PR visa (single entry) expires, you cannot use it for re-entry anyway. Either you have to wait for PR card (which can take anywhere from few weeks to a year to arrive), or apply for a PRTD (Travel Document), which is highly recommended. You can only apply for PRTD from outside Canada.

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The other thing I’d add to this is that once landed, the COPR remains as proof that you once had PR even if expired. If it’s only been expired for less than three years (too short for someone to have lost PR by being away from Canada for too long) it can sometimes still serve as proof of having PR.

Also, you can in theory use it to re-enter Canada at a land border if you don’t have a PR card or lost it. A PRTD is useful once you get it, but it’s a bit of a risk since there’s no set processing time and you can’t apply for it in advance - in theory it could take longer than waiting for a PR card. Also I think PRTDs are normally single entry anyways.