After softlanding, which are some of the good banks to open accounts with?

I soft landed last week and ill be in vancouver for 2 more weeks.
I wanted to know if anyone has researched on which banks are best to open accounts with?
I live in california and i plan to move here some time in next year.

There are a bunch of banks to choose from: TD Canada trust, Bank of Montreal, RBC etc…you’ll have to shop around a bit since each bank has their own fees, minimum balances, credit card fees, points system, etc which might affect your decision. For now go for the cheapest deal you find that also lets you get a credit card.

Eagerly waiting for the day I get to ask this question :smile:

Please can you let me know, if I am soft landing for 5 days and returning back, is there a way to apply and get credit card from a Canadian bank so I can start building credit history while staying in USA for some time.

Separately, basavanagudi can you share your landing experience in Vancouver, I am planning to land there in couple of weeks.

Thank You.