Age Factor for express entry program

Hello folks- I have just started to explore options of Canadian PR. I have been US for close to 5 years working as Solution Architect . I wanted to know how big is age factor as criteria while applying in express entry program based on your experience. I am 36yo and wanted to check if If I will be in position to get invitation

It will depend on various other factors. Try using IRCC calculator to get a sense of what your score look like.
Search in Google for “IRCC Calculator Canada express entry” and you should be able to fill up the details to start…It’s a quite good predictor of your score. And then you have research about the current score and trend…That should be it…

all what @northern said, and if you are well before cutoff, look here for some viable options :

Roughly speaking, at the age of 36, max IELTS scores, a Masters degree, 3+ years of experience, you’re looking at about 450-460 points max (slightly more if you don’t include spouse). If you want to apply, now is the time.

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