Aircraft Liaison engineer, Structural analysis engineer, design engineer

I have an overall experience of 9 years in Aircraft Major Maintenance Support, Aircraft passenger to cargo conversions, Stress and Design Analysis. Familiar with Classical methods of Stress Analysis. Providing stress support for Aircraft Modification and Maintenance. Providing stress support for Maintenance of B757-200, B757-300, A320, B737-400, B737-300, B767-300. Strong working knowledge of Mechanical Design Applications like Catia V4/V5, AutoCAD and Solidworks. Good knowledge and understanding of FAA requirements towards commercial aircraft (14CFR PART 25, 121). Familiar with ASME 14.5Y standards, Geometric Tolerance Practices (GD & T) and welding symbols. Applied Knowledge in Mat Lab and similar applications. Good understanding of Military and Fastener Specs, SB’s, AD’s, SRM and CMM. Familiar with Aerospace manufacturing methods.

What kind of opportunities can i have if i move to Canada, please refer to any job opportunities

You can probably try federal skilled trades option

Do you think this applies to you 7315 Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors see the listed Employment requirements and Exclusions. This document on the Federal skilled trades prog should help. It seems your work is under Major group 73.

In addition to the Federal immigration prog each province (state) has the authority to grant you extra points towards getting your Canadian Permanent Residency also known as provincial nomination. It seems your skills are also listed under the PNP prog for the province of Ontario and possibly other provinces.

[Ontario’s Express Entry Skilled Trades prog.] (

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Bombardier is a large Canadian aircraft company try there.

Do we need to take IELTS to start our job application process or express entry process

No. Although you might find it hard to get interviews if you are not in Canada already or have a PR (unless the company is willing to sponsor a work visa for you).