Almost Received COPR - Questions

Hi all,

We just received a letter saying that IRCC is ready to issue our COPR pending our confirmation that our family structure hasn’t change (marriage, divorce, child, etc.). We had applied Oct 28 2020. It says that if our family structure HAS changed, we should email the Paris office (our primary application is French). We have a few questions:

  1. If our family structure has not changed, how do we respond to the letter? Do we still email the Paris office or is there a way to respond direct to IRCC?
  2. We got PACSed in France (a type of civil union partnership that is only recognized in France). Do we need to report this? If we do, should we expect to have our file slowed down?
  3. After we submit the response to this letter and later receive COPR, how long until the COPR will likely expire? Do we have a few months to cross the border? more?

Background details:
Applied oct 28 2020
medicals done sept 2020
medicals approved jan 13 2022

Thank you for any insight out there!
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