Any candidates with November '18 e-AOR who recieved PPR without any update?

Hi There
Looking to check/ get in touch with candidates who applied in November '18, but haven’t recieved the PPR even after 6 months (May '19).


I have crossed the 6 month timeline. In fact, I will soon be completing 7 months awaiting PPR. At what status is your application?

Hi @frau0804
At this point in time, medicals passed. Eligibility under review. BG yet to begin.
How about you?

Passed medicals in December. After that no update until May. The background check is under progress now. I called them to ask about eligibility, security and criminality checks but got no clear answers. They said everything looks in order and asked to call back by the first week of June if I don’t hear from IRCC by then.

I got the notif of BG Check starting, today.