Any PhDs here? How's it like working in Canada?

Obviously each person’s experience and background is different, but how do you like the opportunities available there?

Do you work in Academia or the industry? Did you find a position relevant to your specialization and qualifications (and not being forced to take “any” job that is available)?

Depends on what your PhD is in. If it falls under the AI/CV/ML/Robotics umbrella you can find many good jobs in GTA and Montreal area. Again, this depends on your profile, experience (whether US or outside North America). That being said, I know a lot of people with PhDs in the tech sector who have come from various countries directly to Canada with job offers.

Thank you, good to know! What’s a good place to look to get a feel of the job scene? I’ve been asking around and looking at job boards, but openings are very rare.

LinkedIn (premiuim is worth it).