Any suggestions for a good zero foreign transaction fee credit card?

I am trying to find a zero annual fee credit card with zero foreign transaction fee mainly to buy stuff on Any suggestions?

I can give you very good suggestions which I have used and still using some of them…
Please PM me and also tell me if you are looking to open credit card in Canada or USA which depends if you already moved to Canada or still in USA?


Can you share the Good Credit card(s) to apply as a 1st card in Canada?

I personally use the . While it’s not annual fee free as such, if you have > $5000 in your checking account at Scotiabank (think they call it the ultimate package) they reimburse the annual fees on one card.

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For Canada… There are two ways to start…

  • If you have Amex in USA, then you can use your USA Credit history to get Amex credit card in Canada…

  • Open checking account in any bank like TD, CIBC etc. under the new comer programme… Two benefits, first you get some bonus amount with 12 month fee free account, Second you can get a free credit card too in the package for new comer programme.

Amex - Is it going to be the similar card or downgraded in Canada?..Ex: Amex Blue Cash Everyday in USA to Simply Cash in Canada? I currently have an upgrade offer from BCE to Gold. Does Amex Gold in USA gets Gold in Canada?..Skeptical to upgrade before the move or not.

Checking a/c needs to opened anyway at least for the direct deposit purposes. Does BIG 5 banks offer better services or the online only/next to BIG 5 (HomeTrust/Tangerine, etc.,) offer better hassle free customer experience?