Anyone applied for FBI EDO (US police certificate) while living in Canada

Anyone here applied for US police certificate (FBI EDO) while living in Canada.

Wanting to know the same too

I’ll be applying in this week from Canada. It’s a straightforward process, we need to follow the steps in and take the fingerprints in the FD-258 form, send it to the address mentioned.

I’ll be taking my fingerprints digitally with a Fingerprint Agency. This is to avoid delays due to illegible manual prints.

Do you have any specific queries?

Thanks @Jose for your response. Couple of questions :

  1. Where are you getting the fingerprints done? Please share your feedback too. I am also planning to get it this week.

  2. Are you going to use it for PR application or for citizenship application?


  1. I’m planning to get it in Kitchener Fast Fingerprinting.
  2. For PR purpose.
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Not related to the topic but how long is this valid?
I’m asking because I don’t anticipate ITA anytime soon, so is it something to do now or after the ITA?

I don’t have an ITA as well. Expecting it as soon as they start the draws in July. FBI usually sends it in a week or two. So, you can get it once you receive ITA too. Validity is 1 year I believe.

Indian PCC takes 2-3 months now. So we applied with BLS already. It’s valid for one year too. So if you’re expecting ITA in a few months, get the Indian PCC done.

Thanks @Jose . Sorry @usa2can for hijacking your thread.

@usa2can for Canada pr, I just ordered these FD-258 cards (and the inkpad) from Amazon and did it at home

It’s very convenient if you know/remember how to roll your fingers in those sections correctly.

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