Anyone has experience bringing your pet from US to Toronto?

Hey y’all,

I have finally decided to move to Toronto (possibly in January 2020). I wanted to know if anyone has experience transporting their pet? I have a 45 lbs Goldendoodle and I am looking for some pointers on best means to transport him, quarantine information etc.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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If you are moving from the US, there is no quarantine or any special procedures or paperwork. You need to carry a proof of rabies vaccination. If you are coming to Canada by road, you can simply drive across with your dog. Smaller dogs are allowed to fly in cabin on many airlines. If your dog is a service/support animal they can fly in the cabin with you as well. Once you land here at YYZ, you can basically walk through customs; sometimes they may have some questions like to show proof of rabies vaccination. Do check the latest on Canada customs website before you travel.


Thank you so much!

Hi Pebbles, did you move to Canada? If so, how was your experience moving your pet?

Hi, Just wondering if you were able to fly with your pets successfully? Did you need to provide a health certificate? Thank you!

I also have a small pet dog - anything particular we need to be aware of because of the COVID situation? Love to hear anyone’s experience who took their pet with them. Thank You!

We flew to Montreal 2 months back. We only needed to show rabies certificates but carried all our cats’ paperwork as well. Make sure to call the airline (in our case it was Air Canada) to book a pet in cabin. You’ll also have to check in at the counter (and not online) on the day of your flight. Most flights can only accommodate 3-4 pets per flight so you’ll definitely need to call and book your flight in advance so they can ensure there is space for your pet.

Even though we’d booked 2 pets in cabin, Air Canada messed up! We got to the check-in counter and they said they could see only one of our pets registered when we had proof that we had registered for 2. They were really difficult to deal with but luckily there were probably not many other pets on flight so we paid the extra 50$ for another cat to come in with us. Definitely confirm that your pet is registered the day before your flight as well!