Anyone plan to be in Toronto this summer?


Does anyone here have plans to be in Toronto this summer. Let me know we should plan something.


Will mostly do a soft landing around the second week of May, and make the final move once the interviews for my wife and I work out :slight_smile:


I will probably show up (most likely in May/June). I will post as soon as plans are concrete.


I thought you already landed in Canada… didn’t you :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m a PR, not decided when to move there.


Summer is a certainly a good time to come down. I would recommend staying in the downtown core. Explore the neighbourhoods around there and if possible squeeze in a trip to Montreal its about a 4 hour train ride from union station.


What is there in a Montreal


Montreal and Qubec is like going to France minus the cost of a Europe trip. Beautiful city with great food and lots of art and cultural things to see. Qubec has castles and farms and Vinyards.


Yep. I’ll be there in the summers (Tourist Visa). We can plan something.


Either a few people together or as per your plans reach out and I’ll make some time to catch coffee and show you my part of town, etc. If we get a few people together I’ll try and invite others who’ve moved here and we can all catch dinner downtown.