Anyone that moved from Seattle to Toronto?

Anyone that moved from Seattle (or any other west coast city) to Toronto, how much money did you guys spend on moving - all in? I am talking about expenses related to renting a moving truck, air tickets etc. We are getting closer to making the move and wanted to know. We are a family of 3 - 2 adults and 1 toddler and have lived here for almost 10 years and have considerable amount of stuff. We will try to sell what we can obviously. Any moving tips that you can share would be super helpful.


We moved from bay area to toronto. We used UPack ABF Pods. Their process is straight forward. Regarding car’s we sold both of our cars there since they were pretty old. We bought new one here . Most of the dealers access USA credit score for cars here.
We spent around 5000$ (Loading/Unloading/Shipping) for all furniture. We bought everything with us since we didn’t have a break in jobs and wanted to spend less time on shopping

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