Anyone with prior approved I140 moved back to US?


Has anyone who had a prior I140 in US, approved (EB2 or EB3), and then came to Canada, and moved back to US ?

With the priority dates moving in the last few months, wondering if folks have any motivation left to try the American dream again?


Definitely miss the US but don’t plan to go back. When is your PD? You could actually move on TN if you’re a citizen.

filing date is current (I know that doesn’t mean much), Final action date has a few more months. Should be current this year going by current trends.

We never really dismissed the idea of going back completely in case the dates do move quickly. But, moving back has its own set challenges which we haven’t given a lot of thought to yet. For eg:

  1. H1B: Going back on H1B means going through lottery (not very appealing).
  2. E1/E2: We are again restricted to specific companies.
  3. Consular processing: Not very sure on how this path might work.

So who knows :woman_shrugging: