Apartment hunting in the Toronto Area

We got our PR in Feb and are planning to move to Toronto within the next 2 months. For people in this forum that are residents of Toronto, can you suggest some apartments for rent in areas that are considered good to live in the Toronto suburb?
We are looking for a 1 BHK apartment (it’s just me and my wife). We don’t mind if it is 40-50 min away from the city, we are looking for something affordable with easy access to superstores like Walmart.

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Hey everyone, still looking for some help here. We enquired about a few places in Kitchener and Waterloo between CAD 1100 and 1300 ( I know these places are a bit far from Toronto, but they have an active tech sector and I will be working remotely for my current job). Does anyone have any experience with applying for apartments without a Canadian credit history?

You can provide them with US credit report, some might consider that. Others might want you to pay rent for a month or two in advance.

this is the list what my agent in canada has provided:

  • US credit report
  • Canada job offer (payslip)
  • US Rental Reference letter if available
    if nothing works, as @am1 told, they may want extra rent as deposit and that could vary from 2-5 months depending on the area
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Thank you @usa2can and @am1. Are there any perspectives on living nearby Toronto like in Oakville or Kitchener?

Oakville is a very nice city to live but commute to downtown can take around 1 hour (during office hours) unless you live very close a Go station. Kitchener is great too but you need be working in KW area. Commuting from Kitchener to Toronto is not a sane thing to do.

Hi, we just landed a job offer in oakville. What would be the best way to search for a house to rent there? We are in US and would like to have an accommodation before moving there. We have only 3 weeks to find a place.

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https://www.kijiji.ca, its like craigslist and popular here for house search. You can also engage a realtor from Oakville - you don’t have to pay the realtor any commission, they charge the landlord.

Thanks. If we need an apartment , do we still need a realtor? Is there a way to contact the leasing office directly as we can do in the US.

I dont think so. Most of the big apartments in Richmond Hill/Markham I looked at did not allow to even set an appointment to visit without a realtor.

You might go and try with the security, and they probably would know of vacant apartments and their owners.

Thanks a lot for the information. We are trying to contact the apartment office from the US , but they are not responding. Is it even possible to sign a lease online while
we are in the US , so that we will have a place to stay when we land there?

If you have job offer in GTA, it might be possible to send the documents and sign the lease before moving. If you don’t have a job, it might be difficult. In either case, it is advisable to physically check the apartment and the neighbourhood before signing the lease.

Yes, lease can be signed online. I did the same, but in my case I had visited most of the homes/communities to get a feel of neighborhood before coming back to US and then worked with my realtor to put offers.

If you have a friend, ask/request them to go and visit those apartments on your behalf. Working with a realtor helps in getting some valuable feedback and you don’t pay for it. (just like south of border).

If anybody needs a 2 room apartment in Toronto area then let me know.
My friend’s Brand new Legal basement apartment will be available from next week or can start from April.
It has Separate Entrance, Separate In-Unit Laundry, 2 Rooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Bathroom, 1 Parking.

Location is: Brampton (Nearest Go station is Mount Pleasant Station).

Let me know if you want to talk to them for any more details or any questions.