Apartment or townhouse rental in Markham

How do you find apartments or townhouse for rent in Markham or Scarborough area. Any one living around Markham. Any contact in IBM Canada

best is to find a decent realtor, and then let them work on your requirements. if you want to go solo, try kijiji. but most decent apartments would need an appointment and a realtor can help you get that quickly.
I know a guy in IBM canada, but he is in biz. dev. not sw.

I live in Markham near to scarborough. I know 2 good realtors here. If you prefer going through them ( Most of them only work through realtors in canada and don’t directly talk to tenants) even though i’ve seen cases where they work through kijiji (Mostly basements).
If interested Message me on (732)666-7726. I will share contacts. I recently moved 6 months back and had a nice experience with them