Application cancelled by IRCC due to incomplete

Hi all,

I had submitted my EE application after receiving ITA in January. However, due to an oversight from my end, I probably made mistake and my application was rejected as incomplete by IRCC. Below is what they said:

I think that I misunderstood what needs to be uploaded should a document be not in English. My German PCC as started on IRCC website is Certificate of Conduct (Führungszeugnis). Because it is in German, I got a notarized translation in English. I also notarized the copy of the original. While uploading the merged document, I combined the notarized copy of the original and the certified translation. I did not upload the scanned version of the original PCC. Could this be the issue? I would like to have some insights in this regards. For instance, what all need to be uploaded when a document is not in English/French? Is it original+certified translation+notarized copy of original?


I guess just the original and its translated version. I did not read anywhere about having to notarize them… Let’s get others’ views also here. But the above 2 are a must

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I would say original + certified translation should be sufficient as @canadadreams mentioned. However since you have the notarized translation, there is no harm in uploading that as well with the previous two.

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Have you used a Certified Translator from Canada or elsewhere ? If possible, could you recommend the business service you used.

@ashwinram09 since I lived in the US at the time of application, I got all my translations (certified as well as notarized) done by RushTranslate Everything was online. I liked their service, specifically because they were open to my suggestions of writing the correct German to English translation of certain words in the document. Their turnover is decent (~48hrs) and also provide premium turnover (~24hrs). Hope this helps.

@canada_back thank you so much for the information.
I would appreciate your help on another matter related to German PCC. My wife had her middle name abbreviated (Ex: Ragu -> Raghunathan), just wondering if similar thing happened in your case and if i should get it corrected.

I’m glad I could help @ashwinram09. Unfortunately I didn’t face the issue you mentioned as I don’t have a middle name. Maybe others in the forum can guide you. @mrandmrs?

Sorry, no idea.

Hello guys:

My application has been rejected for being incomplete. It says that I did not include Copy of Passport/Travel Documents.

  1. Is there any way I can verify what documents were uploaded?
  2. If I had uploaded incorrect docs, do I have to re-apply? Or is there anyway to contact IRCC and send them correct documents?
  3. Any other advise at this point?


U can try this

Regarding questions 2 & 3, I think u r back in the pool due to rejection, which means u will be sent ita in the next draw if ur score is high enough. Then u have to upload all docs and submit again.

The rejection letter had the following note. It appears that I am no longer in the pool. I may have to re-apply. That is why I was wondering if one could contact IRCC/helplines and figure out without having the need to re-apply.

Anybody with similar experience?

Alright, so I think I am going to apply again. Since I got rejected for a silly document error, most of my stuff is ready.

Got the ITA on 20th March. I got latest PoF docs form my bank yesterday.

My medicals, PCC (USA) and Verification of Employment was done in November. Will they be accepted on my new application?

I think they should all be still valid. You might want to check how the medical report would be sent for the new Express Entry AoR though.

(see link below) Looks like the medicals are tied to your passport #. It appears as though I am able to use the same Medical Report (without the need to contact Doctor again).


Hey, Did this happen by error or did you submit the wrong document?
I am wondering if we have to submit all copies of passport including new and expired, need suggestions @mrandmrs @canadadreams

You should submit the expired ones also if u have used them for travel within 10 years… Or else it won’t matter. U can just submit the new ones.

We submitted copy of only our new passports. Here is what it says during post-ITA document submission:

You must submit a legible copy of your valid travel document which you will use to travel.

If you have a passport, you must provide a copy of:
the page that shows your birth date and country of origin, and any pages with stamps, visas or markings.

If you do not have a passport and must use another travel document, it must be issued by a government and include your:
date of birth,
document number,
citizenship or residency status,
photo, and
expiry date (if applicable).