Applied PR 416 Score, no chance to get PR but still submitted application. Now my employer wants to file Work Permit

Hello All

I applied for PR with 416 score (IELTS 8) with max ielts score i can make 424 Points but the current cutoff wontdrop, I applied 6 months back.

Only options is Job Offer, dont know how to find it.

Another thing which happened in parallel is my employer (Cognizant) wants to file my Work Permit and my H1 Extension would be filed this month, so just in case anything goes wrong have a backup.

While filling the Work Permit Form it asks - “Have u previously applied to enter or remain in Canada”, If Yes please provide details.

So i have 2 questions -

  1. What to answer in the above question, would this impact my chances of acceptance or rejection or Cognizant attorney thinking anything?
  2. Would this application increase my points in PR, would it be considered equivalent to Job Offer and I would get additional Points, if so what i need for it and when can I update the PR application.


@vik - your thoughts

You haven’t “applied” for anything in Canada unless you get ITA and submit the e-APR. You’ve only submitted the EE profile which hasn’t yet been selected for ITA. So answer “No” for that question.
US visa has no impact on your Canadian PR application. If your job offer is for Canada (with LMIA) only then would you get points for that.