Apply with current passport or wait for the new one!

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I have my IELTS score and WES evaluation with me and I am ready to apply for PR but my current passport will expire in May 2019. If I get the invitation and if everything gets processed timely I will get the PR done by Jan-Feb 2019. My assumption is based on what people have mentioned about processing times lately.

From what I have heard once you apply and get the invitation your passport no. gets locked in with the application and you have to use the same passport for PR stamping. If that’s the case then it doesn’t make sense for me to apply with my current passport. Does anyone if that is the case or if we can change the passport details even after getting the invite?

I have already applied for passport renewal which will take another 3-4 weeks or so. Should I wait for my new passport to come or should I apply with my current passport? Please recommend.


@fhsherwani I was in the same boat as you and i did apply new passport and then submit my documents.
Make sure you mention the same in letter of explanation about your old and new passport along with details.

I would recommend applying for new passport first. If your score is well above present cutoff you’re not vulnerable to small increases in cutoff.

You also need 6 months validity to come back from Canada after landing, if you choose so. You may not have that after Jan-Feb 2019.

Also, your PR visa will be valid till one year from the day of your medical test or your passport expiry date whichever comes first.


Thanks guys. My CRS score is 478 so a small increase will not affect me. I guess I will have to wait another 3-4 weeks to apply. Thanks for the recommendation. Appreciate your help!!!

I am in a similar situation. My passport is expiring in Feb 2019. I have my IELTS score ready and applying for WES now. Should I get a new passport before I start my application and if I do so will it be any problem that my IELTS was taken with a different passport.

I would recommend apply with new passport. I am doing the same. Waiting on my new passport. I don’t think it will make any difference if you take the IELTS with another passport. The IELTS score validity is two years and a lot can change in two years. For example people can get passport renewals.

Apply for WES and in parallel apply for passport renewal. Most likely you will get your passport renewed before the WES evaluation. The evaluation easily take 4-6 weeks.

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Your passport number when you took IELTS doesn’t matter. IELTS is valid for two years irrespective of which passport you used for it. In addition usually they write “old passport # canceled” on the new passport so scan and upload that in supporting documentation if you want.

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