Applying for a new SIN - US Residence

I am currently residing in the US and have received my PR card recently using a friend’s address. When applying for a new SIN, can I use US mailing address?

I was applying online and they do take other country addresses in the mailing address section.

Yes, you can use US mailing address to receive SIN. I just received mine last month. It’s a COVID-19update, I think.

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@mpdas For proof of address, did you provide a US address proof?

Can you put US address ? I did think they will send your SIN to your US address ?

@arunb: Yes, you can apply from Usa. I have applied SIN on September 21,2020 and received on October 04,2020.

Documents attached:
Signed Copr
Bank statements

Good Luck

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Hi, was the DL Canadian or American? And the bank statements were they from Canada as well or from a US based bank?

Hi @Wally20. I have submitted bank statements that correspond to the mailing address which is US address. The application was accepted - no errors while applying and I am awaiting the SIN in the mail. I will update again based on the final result.

Just out of curiosity, what’s the urgency in applying for a SIN?

You could always wait till establishing residence in Canada. The SIN doesn’t grant any immigration benefits in itself, nor is it a travel document.

@panditji Yes, you are correct, there is no urgency. I recently received my PR card and wanted to apply SIN just to get done with the process and have it handy in case of a remote job offer.

All from USA.

Hi everyone,

Just to provide an update I have applied on Oct 4th and received my SIN in mail on Oct 20th to my US mailing address.

Documents Provided:

  1. Primary - PR Card scan copy - front and back
  2. Secondary - Mail scan copy of the paper received in mail
  3. Address proof - US Bank statement