Applying for USA B1/B2 with COPR BEFORE landing in Canada


Has anyone applied for a B1/B2 to make short trips to the US before moving to Canada? I’m currently in India with my COPR in hand and would like to complete the process here. Can I take the US visa interview as a “future Canadian resident” while still residing in India?

Obviously it could swing in any direction, but would like to get your opinions.

Primary purpose will be to visit my US employer and clients.

I don’t see any problem in doing this. In fact, given that your PR is approved, that is a positive sign for them as they will be surer that you won’t stay in the US forever :slight_smile: Also, you can show the proof of your funds and additional assets in India. You will also need a letter from your US employer.

Cheers. Did you go through the B1/B2 interview (anywhere)? How was your experience.