Applying PR in parallel to Employer Canada Work Visa


I am working in one of the Tech company in California. My current student work permit (F1- OPT) will end in Feb 2019, my employer is planning to apply for Canada Work Visa.

I got an IELTS score of 8.0 and currently waiting on my ECA (Expecting it to arrive by mid next week). I would get an estimated CRS score of 478 with my qualifications.

Since my US work permit would end in Feb 1,2019 (7 Months approx.), I am not sure if my PR process would complete within next 7 months, so I am planning to apply PR with express entry in parallel to employer sponsored work Visa.

– Can I apply employer sponsored work visa and PR in parallel ?
– Did anyone face this unique situation ? which option did you choose ?
– Should I tell my employer about this situation ? Or just ask them to go ahead with Canada work visa ?

Any suggestions are welcome.

P.S : I want to stay with my current employer atleast for next few years


Based on what I read Canada allows applying for other visas in parallel to PR. Once you get PR your other Canadian visas will likely become invalid. I think you should start the process for both asap and try to get it done.

In the end it’s your decision but if it was me I would not tell the employer before getting the PR and deciding to settle there, or unless it was absolutely necessary. But on the flip side, in case your employer will be receiving letters or notifications about the work visa, then they may become aware of this if your work visa is canceled and they get a letter. I’m not sure how CIC communicates these things. Might create complications in the future so think about that as well.


i would say why to complicate the things… simply apply work visa through your employer and later apply for PR and you would get more points too with Canadian experience…