Are IT or TECH jobs regulated in Canada? NOC 2171, 2172, 2173 etc any NOC related to IT and TECH

Hi there!

Guys I am confused about regulated professions in IT and TECH in Canada.
are It jobs regulated in Canada? To be specific software engineers. I have a CS degree in undergrad from Pakistan, I have other qualification non IT related. I am in limbo if IT-related jobs are regulated. I am not an Engineer and it would be difficult to get P.Eng license based on education.
Any information and advice could be grateful.

It means that is there any licence or certificate required to practise software engineering?any sort of regulatory requirement after getting there in pursuing IT career. Folks there in tech sector could shed more light on it.
any one has experience regarding that?
And If there are ANY requirements can someone explore related IT and TECH careers options as a developer?

Please ease my concern