Arrive CAN Quarantine question -Softlanding via Road [ Question related to quarantine requirements] - October 2021

Hello All,

I have a question regarding the Arrive Can app - Quarantine questions.

Our COPR is going to expire in December and we are planning to do a soft-landing via road next week and plan to return back immediately to the USA as soon as the soft-landing procedures are complete.

Question: What should we mention in the ArriveCan app for quarantine requirements. Looks like its a required field and there are quite a few questions to answer.

We are not planning to stay for 14 days.

Thanks for your time.

Looking for experiences … my trip is approaching and any help is really appreciated. Thank you!

I did soft landing couple of months ago, so dont remember the options. But you try to fill best to your knowledge. And the officer at the border won’t check ur ArriveCAN and you can tell him that you don’t intend on staying there for 14 days.

I had not filled Arrive CAN during soft landing as we were making u-turn right away and the visa officer told me that even though I don’t plan on staying in Canada it is mandatory as once you become PR, then no one can stop you from entering Canada. Hence they need us to have Arrive CAN filled.