Authorization letter with 60 day validity

We got the “Are you ready to move soon” email with the 7 questions about two weeks ago. Our CoPR expired in July 2020. We responded to the email saying that we can travel in the month of June 2021
Today, we got the authorization letter email from IRCC asking us to travel by April 17, 2021. We are pretty bummed about it since we had explicitly mentioned in the original email response that we can only travel in June. In light of that, i had a few questions:

  1. The email also says “If you are unable to travel before the expiration date of this letter on 2021/XX/XX, IRCC will leave your PR application open and you will have to go through this CoPR and PRV re-issuance process again when you are able to travel to Canada.” Any idea what this means? Would the PR application go back to pre-ITA status?
  2. Is there any way we can respond to this email again and re-iterate that we can only arrive in June. Or is there a different way to make that request?
  3. Anyone else possibly in the same boat?


We are in the same boat. Any information would be much appreciated.