Average cost of utilities in Toronto

I am looking at condos and apartments in/near Downtown Toronto area and most of the listings I see include some utilities in the rent but not all:

Utility Average cost in Toronto for 1 bed 1 bath
Hydro (Electric)

1.What are the various components of what it costs to live in a condo or an apartment? Hydro (Electricity), water, gas, internet, rent, parking, locker, trash (?), renter’s insurance (?), anything else?
2. What is the average cost of these utilities broken down?

(Reason is, listings often include one or the other but not all utilities, it becomes hard to compare. So instead of $150 per month for everything, it’d be good to know the per item breakdown.)

My experience:

~650sqft condo (high rise)
Hydro ~$55 per month
Water and heating included.
Electric stove, so no gas Bill
Bell Fiber internet 150/150 - $80 per month (promo)
1 underground parking included
No locker

Many older condo high rises have even the hydro included in the HOA, so renter won’t need to pay that amount.

Trash is generally included. Locker and parking depends on the listing, if included will certainly me mentioned.

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