Awaiting WES evaluation



I am waiting for WES processing. Is there any other EE requirement that I can fulfill in the meantime?




Get employment reference letters and police verification certificate maybe.



Also try to get a medical appointment based on your estimated WES evaluation completion and then adding a couple of weeks for next round of ITA. Medical appointments may be difficult to schedule later



Thanks, is it possible to schedule medical exam before submitting EE profile?



There is nothing stopping you . We need to be mindful of few things like making sure to schedule it after you have got the ita as Doctor May ask for EE profile number . Making sure medical is valid for 1 year after Ita , etc.



I don’t think there is a point going for police verification or medical till you file your EE profile.
If I am not wrong, you cannot create your profile until you have WES application number or your profile will not be eligible. If this is the case, all you can do is improve your language score. If that’s done, check your score in crs calculator and wait for Wes result.



Thanks @bhu1,

I read older posts here about police verification. And I understand it as the PCC from Indian consulate in US can be done while waiting for Wes, since I’m currently in US on H1B and do not plan visit India for next few months.

While for FBI verification, I need to wait for ITA, as it has to be valid for one year after first entry. Please correct me if I misunderstood some info.

For the medical exam, I’m not sure how long it is valid for. Experienced ones please suggest!




Medical is valid for one year.
My point was if you are sure to receive the ITA (based on the score calculation in CRS) then only go for the PCC and medical. Otherwise, if there is chance that you have to wait for the cutoff to come down or need to improve the language score then there is no point getting PCC and medical early



Thanks @bhu1, my CRS score comes out to be 475. I think I can go ahead with application at this time. Waiting for ECA.
Can I schedule medical exam before ITA?



If score is 475, go ahead and schedule the medical now . Will save you some time in final submission .



That’s a good score and will surely get in the ITA. Yes you can go ahead for the medical test. It’s valid for an year



Thanks a lot for your inputs. I am deciding whether to apply for EE now or few months down the line. Need your valuable suggestions.
My marriage is scheduled in the end of this year, and my spouse is an Indian citizen working in India. We both want to settle in Canada. These are two ways I can think of:

  1. Apply for Express entry as single applicant (I expect to get ITA soon with this CRS score). I can then sponsor my spouse after my marriage as a Canadian PR. What is the processing time for the spouse sponsorship? Also will my spouse be able to stay and work in Canada during the processing period?

  2. Apply for Express Entry as a married couple later this year (my spouse will have to sit for IELTS). I think this will be faster as both of us get PR at the same time. But my CRS score drops down to around 455 if I calculate as a married couple with me as primary applicant.

What do you think is the best approach to go forward? Please suggest.