Background check- Canadian police clearance certificate

Hi I am in Toronto in restricted work permit for a year and applied for FSW-EE PR on 21 Oct.
e-APR 21 Oct
Med passed: 21 Nov
Background check started: 26 Nov
My application is still in IP2, 46 days from the e-APR.

My question is since I have stayed in Canada for more than 6 months now, do I have to submit police clearance certificate from Canada? I already have one issued from Toronto police but the application did not ask me to submit one. I only submitted the one from Indian consulate.

Should I upload Canadian police clearance certificate as an additional document? Will it help speed up my application especially the background check?

Actually it’s a mandatory document to be submitted bcz PCC is required for any country in which u live for more than 6 months. Hence u better submit if off if possible, asap…

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