Background is in Progress - Question regarding reference letter


We submitted our documents on Sept 05, 2018. It has been 2 months and our status has been changed to “We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information”

I have had two jobs in my career. One in US that I started 2.5 years back and one in India between 2010 and 2013. I did submit offer letter, salary, pay stub for my current job however for the previous job I submitted reference letter without salary or hours mentioned in it. I already closed my bank account in India in 2013 when I came to US. Now my question is should I send my tax returns or pay stub for previous employment or should I just wait and watch if CIC needs more documentation for that job. Right now my background check is in progress and haven’t got any request for more documentation, however, do you think I should go ahead and send pay stubs and tax filing for the previous job What do you suggest?

Hello there,
In the information section they do mention to provide as much details as possible related to the past jobs. Its better to add the paystubs.

For 1 of the past job letter I added, was without roles and responsibilities mentioned.It was the standard work number format obtained from the company. They weren’t able to provide me any other details as my boss and anyone whom I worked with were no no longer employed. Since the IRCC requires the specific format, I submitted the offer letter along with the work number letter and Pay stubs. I did not have any issues and there were no requests for additional docs. Note: All my previous job details were apt and correct.

If its possible for you to go back and add any docs do so, however ensure that it wont make your application into draft etc ( I am not sure if you can attach additional items post submission).

All the best!

Thanks. Unfortunately, I can’t attach any document to application since it is in final stage of processing. I think people call it “IP2”. The only option I have is to send an email to IRCC and send LOE with paystub. At same time I don’t want to delay my application. Have you ever heard that they might reject the application without sending a notice additional documents? just in case if you have heard.

@rockstar IRCC may request you to send additional documents if they need. If I were you, I would wait.

Unfornunately , I don’t have much information regarding that!