Ballpark number for Salary negotiations


Hi All,

Our PR has been approved and we hav started interviewing in Canada. We currently reside in san Diego, CA and have jobs at senior positions in IT with reputed firms. Is there any way to find out a number to provide to start salary negotiations for a comparable position in Toronto?

I understand that it is a different country and the compensation would be lower than what we make in the United States. I just want to get a point of view as to how any of you approached this situation and came up with a number!

Thank you!


The way I did it is by finding a company with offices in both my current US city and my target Canadian city. I then used Glassdoor to find the salary ratio for comparable jobs. Apply this to your current compensation and that should give you a starting point for how much you can expect to earn in Canada.

My salary ratio came to about 50%, which is why I’ll be staying in the US for the foreseeable future.


Find out where you might end up living and the rent there (the most expensive item in your expenses). Throw in other expenses and then work backwards and figure out what kind of salary you are OK accepting. You can mention your SD salary without showing your hand, let them offer you a number and then work your way towards the center the usual way.