BC PNP application while Intra-company Transfer is in progress

Can I complete my British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program application with a valid ICT job offer while my work permit application is still being prepared?

I will be transferring within my company from USA to Canada with an ‘Intra-company Transfer - Specialized Knowledge’ work permit. I already have a job offer from Canada, but the work permit application and approval process may take a few months due to COVID-19 and other factors.
Meanwhile, I have started my BC PNP application and have received an invitation to apply. My NOC is 2173 (Software engineers and designers) so I might be eligible for the BC Tech Pilot program.

I also noticed that the application needs a ‘Copy of evidence of recruitment (if applicable)’ – I am assuming this is not applicable to me since this is an ICT and there was no external recruitment effort. Is that correct?


I posted this same question in another forum, and someone pointed out that the description is confusing, and that the ICT and PNP may be separate things. I’ll try to clarify:

My employer has offices in US and Canada, and they’re moving me from the US location to work in BC, Canada, through an internal transfer and an internal job offer. Therefore my employer is sponsoring the ICT-based work permit. I am not fully aware of my employer’s recruitment effort there (they may have tried to hire externally) – the details of it are being written up by a lawyer in the ICT Specialized Knowledge work permit application. The whole process including visa and relocation may take a few months.

Meanwhile, I have separately applied for BC PNP myself and my employer is not directly sponsoring this, although they may support me with relevant documents. I have received an invitation to apply and have ~30 days to complete.

I am wondering if I can go ahead with the BC PNP application with the internal job offer, while my ICT work permit is still in the works.

I am also curious to know about the nuances of ‘evidence of recruitment’? When is it not applicable?

Looking forward to your replies.

HI i am in same boat, did you get your answer
i know that ICT does not count as job offer for express entry PR, does it qualify for BC tech pilot though ?

I did not get a clear answer from anywhere.

I decided to withdraw the application and reapply later when I have the work permit. I did not find examples of candidates applying for PNP with an internal job offer before obtaining an ICT work permit. I did however find examples of candidates with a work permit moving to Canada and then applying for PNP.

I also see the following section in the PNP guide:

Your employer must demonstrate that genuine and bona fide efforts were made to recruit from the local labour market, and that hiring you will not adversely affect employment or development opportunities for local candidates (Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents).

Subject to verification, the BC PNP may consider this requirement to be met if:

• You have a valid work permit and/or employment authorization and are currently working full-time (at least an average of 30 hours per week, year-round) for the supporting B.C. employer in the occupation identified in the job offer. Please note that if you are currently working full-time for the supporting employer on a co-op work permit or a study permit, this requirement will only be considered met if you have completed your program of study.


• Your employer can provide evidence of a genuine and bona fide effort to recruit from the domestic labour market and is able to demonstrate the results of these recruitment efforts, such as advertisements based on the following minimum requirements…

@arkrivia @jain.nsit - I am in a very similar situation, and yes, its confusing to time ICT and BC PNP TP application without jeopardizing one for the other. Let’s keep sharing specific information on this thread to help each other and possibly other community members who might be in the similar situation.

I have ICT offer and temp work visa stamped for this ICT offer. Transfer offer from India branch to Vancouver branch. Can I apply for BC PNP Tech Pilot? I hope you have applied for yourself and got some outcome by now to share with me?

On a similar boat, but there is a valid concern above if ICT offer is same as job offer, although I dont see there will be any issue with the same but just curious of anyone else have done it?

Hi, I am also in the same situation. I have a deputation letter (looks like a job offer) from my India company. This letter also tells my salary in Canada. I’m here in Vancouver on an Intra Company Transfer work permit. I recently came here and the work permit validity left with11 months now.
Has anybody already checked with any immigration lawyer, if the ICT offer can be considered in BC Tech Pilot?
Appreciate your response! Thank You!