BC PNP Tech timing?

Hey folks,
I’m trying to secure work for EE FSW via BC PNP and preferably tech pilot (which apparently is indefinite now - YAY!)

Has anyone gone through the BC PNP Tech pilot recently that can say how long it took from applying to getting the work permit support letter? A potential employer heard it has slowed to a crawl and I have no way of knowing how long it’s taking. The BC PNP website says 3 weeks and I can see draws happening as scheduled every two weeks, but personal experiences would be a great reference.


I would be starting my BC PNP process very soon. I can share my findings and experience here as I make progress.

I see that it has been a couple of months since you posted this. What has been your experience so far? Were you able to get your work permit support letter and how long did that take? Any thing you share would really help.


Good morning,

I applied for BC PNP after getting my job offer. It took 2 weeks to get my nomination. My express entry IRCC account showed me the PNP a couple of days before the work permit support letter and other documentation from BC PNP arrived. Total time <20 days.

What took surprisingly long was my Vancouver employer had account access issues when going to submit my Employer Offer form and pay the compliance fee. That took 11 days to resolve as we had to wait for IRCC tech support (email only). Once they could access the form, it was quick and easy (but take a screenshot of the receipt of the compliance payment and the Employer offer number- they want that at the border and the receipt email function isn’t working).

At the border, my PNP nomination letter said was only for 6 months which scared me as I want a 2-year permit and a 6-month permit would have been really inconvenient (I’d go for the bridge open work permit will my PR application is being processed, but I didn’t want to have to do that so soon!). Luckily, she double-checked the notes on the PNP on the account somewhere and it said it was good for a 2-year work permit, so I am all set for 2 years (and hopefully my PR will clear before that expires). It took about 2 hours are the Douglas border to get my work permit and temporary car import (this is before the border reopens August 9th - I’d expect longer then).

I made sure I had EVERYTHING printed out for the border, and I think that helped. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

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Hi There
would it be possible to message you privately to ask more about the BCB PNP?

Sure - no problem. What can I help with?