BC ppl here ? Need info on PNP program

Hi , Im looking for folks here who got their PR through the british columbia PNP nomination or their skills based immigration while they were on a work permit or with a job offer. Please PM me or reply here.


  • Need more clarity/info on the tech pilot prog
  • can i apply for the skills route if i have a valid job offer and in the process of getting a work permit
  • the website says the express entry skills route and the BC Skilled immigrant route as 2 completely separate - can someone shed more light on this. I seemed like if i had a job in BC or already working there, then i dont have to go through express entry rather apply through the other prog they have ?
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I would recommend calling or emailing them. I was surprised how responsive CIC was when I called or emailed them with questions around my application. I would assume a good province like BC would be the same.