Best consultants in USA



Could any one suggest best consultancy in USA for migration help and job search in Canada ?



You don’t need one, but if you want, David Cohen from Campbell-Cohen is a well-known name.


Do they also help with job search while you work here in USA ?


To a certain degree but in the end it’s mostly you.


I have already paid to them(David cohen firm), they are absolutely of no use.
The only thing they can do is to send email in case some PNP opens other than that absolutely nothing. My advice dont waste money on them the process is straight forward, they simply collect docs, we have to provide them everything. I was under assumption that they will help me in job search or guide me as I have less CRS score but gained ZERO even after paying them.
If you have any other suggestion let me know too :slight_smile: May be I didnt explore them much


I agree. Their - or any other - law firm is mostly useful for cases of inadmissibility. E.g. you have failed to fulfill residency obligation, or have minor charges/dismissed charges etc that may affect your eligibility or re-entry. That is when a lawyer can be useful for the appeal process etc.


Thanks for the Info. Will let you know if I find any.