Best neighbourhoods in/around Toronto for new immigrants

What are some good neighbourhoods to immediately live in for short term when we arrive? We plan on living in an airbnb initially.

Also in the long term, what are some of the good neighbourhoods in and around Toronto with good access to transit for couples and families?


Pickering is a nice neighborhood.

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would depend a lot on where you plan or get to work. my Job is in North york, so I preferred to stay in Richmond Hill over downtown toronto. Markham is also a good option.
Others can provide more idea about downtown or south .

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We stayed in a short term rental for a month in downtown Toronto, great place to explore the city and different neighbourhoods. We later moved to Lesliville on the East End. We are so grateful we found this neighbourhood, its awesome close to downtown yet away from all the downtown chaos. Great for kids and young families. Lots of parks, walking to almost everything


It depends where you are working,but assuming you are working in Toronto Downtown,then staying in North York,Etobicoke or MISSISSAUGA is something you can consider as there are trains/subway coming to downtown. You can also try Toronto Suite rentals in the short term,as they offer furnished apartments in the downtown which are move in ready and also close to everything that you will need.Especially when you don’t have car initially,this option is good.

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