Biometrics in India for US resident


I am an Indian citizen working and residing in US.
My AOR was JAN 26 and got my biometric request letter on march 8.

Currently I am in India on vacation for a few weeks .

My question is

  • can I provide my biometrics in India ? Reading online it looks like I can but wanted to confirm if anyone has done it .

  • more importantly, would providing biometrics in India , which is not my primary country of residence , impact the speed of overall PR approval process ? Appreciate if anyone can share any personal experience .

  • another question is : would the remaining processes in EE application like background check (IP1, IP2,etc ) are kept on hold until I provide biometrics or these go on without waiting for my biometrics ?



This is the first time I am hearing about biometrics for Indian citizens.


Bio Metrics for Indian Citizens are mandatory for AOR after 31st Dec 2018.