Biometrics Status

Anyone who has provided Bio Metrics post AOR and pre PPR stage based on the recent changes? If yes, How is the status of completion of Bio Metrics shown on the application? Do we receive an email, or any updates on the application?


I havent received any email regarding the completion but when I checked the application status, it was updated.

Biometrics Completed.

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I haven’t gotten a note to go for biometrics… But from what I read, in addition to what @ranjit said, you would see some biometric information on top right summary section on the full application status page.

For me only the top right corner under the name has the details of bio metrics added. The status still shows ‘We need your fingerprints…’ and the overall application status show ‘Your action is required’. Please suggest what to do. Gave the biometrics the next day of the request.

I recently complete my biometrics after AOR.
Feb 24th - AOR
April 11 - Medical Passed
April 11 - Biometrics Request

Initially on April 11 status changed to “We need your finger prints…”
Yesterday after my biometrics was done, it changed to " Completed"

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Folks who had to go thru submitting/completing Biometrics in 2019 - do you have PPR yet? Can anyone share timelines (including when biometrics was done)?

biometrics completed march 25, PPR received Apr 08.
AOR was jan 26.

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Thats great, congratulations!

So after biometrics, is the application in IP1 or IP2 stage?

not sure about that. I don’t think IP1/IP2 matter after biometric started. so just wait for the ghost update/PPR email.

Hey y’all:

Got a ‘Ready for Visa’ email from CIO (IRCC). But when I logged into my EE account, there is no new information.

  1. Is this a problem?
  2. Is this the golden email OR ghost update OR PPR?
  3. Should I be waiting for something to show on my EE account (and risk starting my 30 day clock to submit passports)?

Can you please share your timelines?