Biometrics to PPR timelines

Hi All,

My AOR is 27th Jan 2019,
Medicals - 8th March 2019
Biometrics - 21st March 2019.
Background check - In process

Just wanted to know what is the approx timelines for ppr?

Try myimmitracker to see. I think its 120 days for FSW - O.

Good luck.

Don’t want to keep you in dark but CIC have a large backlog of applications. Six months is the average time these days and in my view around 30% of applications take even longer.

Have you got your PPR yet?

What is the average Time period for PPR to arrive after submitting Biometrics for express entry PR?

Hi All,

My AOR is 27th Feb 2020,
Biometrics passed - 30th July 2020,
Background check - In process.

No change since July end. Just wanted to know what is the approx timelines for PPR?

Thank you.

Our medical exam was in Feb 2020. Do we need to get medical exam again? As it has been more than one year and we are still waiting for the final decision…

When can we expect decision?

Please suggest @mrandmrs @avj

Thank you…

In most cases they will let you know if you need another medical exam (most likely you will unless they make an exception). If it has been longer than 6-8 months since you submitted the application you can inquire about this question and the status using their webform.