Bridging open work permit(BOWP), current work permit expired, applied for PR under CEC

Hello everyone,

Can you please provide guidance and suggestions in my scenario:

My current closed work permit expired in December 2023, i did not check the expiry date(it’s completely my fault) and was under the impression that I have validity until this March 2024. My employer’s HR also forgot to inform me before hand since everyone were in holiday mood i believe and now am being told to apply immediately for BOWP (Bridging Open Work Permit) and wait until i get the approval after which I can continue working in my current job. Until I get the approval am told that I cannot work in my current job because technically my work permit validity has expired.

I have already applied for PR under express entry CEC category.

Can anyone please guide me with the below two questions regarding BOWP (Bridging Open Work Permit) which i am planning to apply:

  1. I somehow feel my situation is like a blessing in disguise for me because i actually am interested in open work permit because it gives me the option to change my job to another employer, so while filling the IMM5710 application form section 3: “I am applying for one or more of the following”

should i choose both the options:

Restore my status as a worker
Apply for the work permit for the first time or with a new employer

  1. What would be the validity of BOWP after my application is processed.

Thanks everyone for the guidance and help.

Indeed it is. I was in a similar situation - I was on a WP tied to an employer, but then applied for PR and got a BOWP shortly before my WP expired. While on the BOWP the employer had to do layoffs … but I bounced back easily thanks to my BOWP.

You need to have status as a worker, so you definitely need to apply to restore your status as a worker asap - you have 90 days to do so. You should be able to do both at the same time and I’d recommend you do this.

My BOWP was approved for 24 months, or two years. When you’re four months or less away from that expiring you can apply for another BOWP but in my case my PR was approved before it got to that point for me.