Bsf 186A Goods to follow

We did our soft landing in 2019 without the goods to follow form. We entered yesterday ( Feb 2022) and the officer refused to sign the bsf 186 A form saying that we should have got it stamped during the first entry. Did anyone else face this? What are our options to get the sign now?

Why do you need your GTF now? It sounds like you’ve already entered the country. Do you have outstanding stuff that has been shipped into Canada and hasn’t yet cleared customs? Or do you need that to import cars that you owned before moving to Canada.

If you do need it, I think you will need to goto a local CBSA office and explain to them what happened and see if a supervisor there will sign and issue you that form.

There is conflicting information about this on the internet, when I had first soft landed in 2019 the CBSA agent told us that we needed to complete the GTF form at the spot otherwise we’d need to pay duty on any items that we import. We weren’t prepared but were able to look up the VIN number of our car and put in high level items for our belongings, couldn’t add jewelry as that needed an appraisal and photographs. We were able to use the GTF when we moved for good without issues.

But I’ve also read that some agents will not issue you a signed GTF list when you do a soft landing and will advise you to bring the list when you move for good. It sounds like this happened in your case?

Show him the definition of settlers entry. During your early visit you definitely not stayed more that 12 months. So you now when you enter you qualify for settlers entry. Under that you can import any item under your “Possession” before you marked your number 1 visit. I personally called border agency and they told this info to me.