California driving license exchange with Ontario's

Hello experts, I have a question about California driving license exchange with Ontario’s. The Driver’s record i got from DMV california doesn’t state the “original license issued date”. It just states the issue date as renewal date which is less than 2 years. Can you please share your experience of exchanging the California DL with Ontario DL? How did you prove your driving experience (2yrs+) in this scenario? I have both my old and new california driving license, Also i can get the insurance history, i am not sure if that would help. Please share your experience ?

Hi Tarun- I am in California and will be moving to Canada/GTA soon. Last time I was in Ontario, I was informed that we can exchange the US license for a Canadian license, bypassing the other requirements since we have North American driving experience. I believe that the Canadian offices are connected to the DMV records to pull out the necessary information. Please share whatever you find on this thread as it will be super helpful!

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Sure will the thread updated with my findings and experience.

I exchanged my California license to an Ontario license couple of months back. My latest CA license and DL extract were less than 2 years. But I had all my previous licenses without any gaps. Faced no problems at all while exchanging.
Also, get your insurance history, it helps with lowering your insurance rate here. Not all companies consider it though.

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Thanks for sharing your experience and suggestions, really appreciate it.

Same for me. I took US DMV history from all the US states I’ve lived in and presented a 8 year history at Service Ontario (btw, only Toronto Service Ontario is presently issuing photo DLs due to Covid) and was given a full G temp license. The actual plastic card is supposed to be mailed within 6 weeks.