California IELTS centres

HI @anon25417004 this one is for you or anyone else in Bay area. I can only see two locations in SF Bay area(Hayward/SF) and few more in Socal (near LA). I do not see any other location probably in central California.
I saw mentioned there is a location close to Fresno, I do not see it while booking the exam.

Hi @fzansari,

I am not aware which of these locations are in Central California but here’s a list of California locations:

When I was looking for test centers, I had seen 3 in the Bay Area (1 in Hayward and 2 in SF) but none of them had any dates available immediately so I had gone to a center in LA.

Thanks @mrandmrs

When I went for my IELTS exam I was the only Indian person there. It seems with how things are currently that is probably changing :slight_smile:


Just want to check am I looking into right url for IELTS test centers. Seems to be frequency is twice a month and only fewer locations in US. I live in Boston, if I need to take earlier date for test, need to fly i think.

Many people I have spoken to are having trouble getting dates to centers close by. I would recommend just taking whichever date you get first and then flying there.

I got the earliest date for 24th Mar in pittsburgh(I am from philly o/w). It is quite hard to fathom that IELTS dates are so infrequent. God Bless America.

You’d be surprised to see how many other non Canadian PR people at these IELTS exams. I was under the impression I would only see other people applying for PR. In reality there were only 2 Canadian PR applications during my time everyone else was from the middle east. As I understood it they are paid by their governments to come and study english in the US and the IELTS scores are how they claim this payment.



Did you get test center at Pittsburgh center or Columbus, Ohio. While i’m register i thought its pittsburgh test center but got email as test center in Columbus.

I got the test center at Pittsburgh only and the email confirms that too. I would say call them and make sure the test center is indeed what you are looking for.