California - Ontario driver's license exchange

Has anyone did their California - Ontario driver’s license exchange recently and got the full G license?

  1. I’ve the driving abstract from INF-1125 - it shows only from last renewal (which is less than 2 years).
  2. The INF-70 abstract shows the same (less than 2 years).
  3. I don’t have any of my old driver’s licenses. Only have photocopy of an old DL.

Can someone tell me how the drive test center will validate 2 years of US driving experience? I went to a drive test centre and no luck. If you had success, please mention which drive test centre in Toronto/GTA you went to.

You should take your old DL copy plus insurance history (insurance company should provide that easily) to prove your 2+ years driving record.

It is highly dependent on the mood of the DriveTest agent whether s/he accepts it or not. You can always ask for talking to the manager to explain the information in abstract. We visited the Drivetest location in South Markham.

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I had the same problem. Here is what I am planning. My license is still valid till 2021. Im off by 2 months to complete 2 yrs due to this last renewal thing. I don’t have any old licenses. So I will wait 2 more months and then apply for INF-70 and have them mail it to my friend there. Then once I receive it I will then try to go to Service Ontario to request for full G license. Let’s see if that works.

so are you without a Canadian license right now? or are you driving here on the US license.

Im not driving. So far using public transport and quite happy with it. I don’t have plans to take trips where I need to rent a car atleast for the next few months. I am not sure for how long you can drive using US license though. I heard there is a timeline of certain number of days after which you need to have Canadian license.

I think the timeline is 60 days, but agree that there isn’t a strong need for DL unless you have a long walk to bus stops.
I live in Richmond Hill and my work commute involves a 3 minute walk to bus which drops me right at work.

@usa2can Thanks for the info. Let me try South Markham. I’ve the insurance history and will try with that and the old DL copy.

The insurance history suggestion is good!

I have an expired California driver’s license but I can prove 2+ years of driving history using INF-1125 and my expired license, and 4 years using the insurance history. Do you think that will help with getting the G license?

You should be fine as long as your extracts are valid in the last 10 years

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Ideally getting 6+ years of insurance history will help. This helps in reducing Insurance premium.
DL History from DMV
Insurance History from insurance companies will make it easy for you here.
I got both of them done in first 2 weeks. If you go on weeks days then driving license centers are pretty empty and you can get your done pretty quick

I landed here on May 26th . Got my DL exchanged around June 5-6th. Bought car next week and got a decent insurance deal

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When you apply for DL history request them for 5-10 years records. Else by default they give only since last renewal

@ashwin In INF-70,, what option do we choose or where exactly do we put the request for 5 year record? Is it the “other” option with explanation?

I directly went to DMV and got it . I used a different form and informed them on the counter that i need 10 year.

if you have use INF70 then maybe check other and type 10 years

@ashwin The DMV I went to said I can’t get a longer history using INF 1125. Let me try with INF 70. Thanks.

INF-70 won’t work either. It had the same info that 1125 had even though I had mentioned clearly that I wanted more than 2 years of my driving history. In California dmv, they showed me the law which came in March that driving record will appear from last renewal. Im off by 2 months due to this.