California - Ontario driver's license exchange

Has anyone did their California - Ontario driver’s license exchange recently and got the full G license?

  1. I’ve the driving abstract from INF-1125 - it shows only from last renewal (which is less than 2 years).
  2. The INF-70 abstract shows the same (less than 2 years).
  3. I don’t have any of my old driver’s licenses. Only have photocopy of an old DL.

Can someone tell me how the drive test center will validate 2 years of US driving experience? I went to a drive test centre and no luck. If you had success, please mention which drive test centre in Toronto/GTA you went to.

You should take your old DL copy plus insurance history (insurance company should provide that easily) to prove your 2+ years driving record.

It is highly dependent on the mood of the DriveTest agent whether s/he accepts it or not. You can always ask for talking to the manager to explain the information in abstract. We visited the Drivetest location in South Markham.


I had the same problem. Here is what I am planning. My license is still valid till 2021. Im off by 2 months to complete 2 yrs due to this last renewal thing. I don’t have any old licenses. So I will wait 2 more months and then apply for INF-70 and have them mail it to my friend there. Then once I receive it I will then try to go to Service Ontario to request for full G license. Let’s see if that works.

so are you without a Canadian license right now? or are you driving here on the US license.

Im not driving. So far using public transport and quite happy with it. I don’t have plans to take trips where I need to rent a car atleast for the next few months. I am not sure for how long you can drive using US license though. I heard there is a timeline of certain number of days after which you need to have Canadian license.

I think the timeline is 60 days, but agree that there isn’t a strong need for DL unless you have a long walk to bus stops.
I live in Richmond Hill and my work commute involves a 3 minute walk to bus which drops me right at work.

@usa2can Thanks for the info. Let me try South Markham. I’ve the insurance history and will try with that and the old DL copy.

The insurance history suggestion is good!

I have an expired California driver’s license but I can prove 2+ years of driving history using INF-1125 and my expired license, and 4 years using the insurance history. Do you think that will help with getting the G license?

You should be fine as long as your extracts are valid in the last 10 years

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Ideally getting 6+ years of insurance history will help. This helps in reducing Insurance premium.
DL History from DMV
Insurance History from insurance companies will make it easy for you here.
I got both of them done in first 2 weeks. If you go on weeks days then driving license centers are pretty empty and you can get your done pretty quick

I landed here on May 26th . Got my DL exchanged around June 5-6th. Bought car next week and got a decent insurance deal

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When you apply for DL history request them for 5-10 years records. Else by default they give only since last renewal

@ashwin In INF-70,, what option do we choose or where exactly do we put the request for 5 year record? Is it the “other” option with explanation?

I directly went to DMV and got it . I used a different form and informed them on the counter that i need 10 year.

if you have use INF70 then maybe check other and type 10 years

@ashwin The DMV I went to said I can’t get a longer history using INF 1125. Let me try with INF 70. Thanks.

INF-70 won’t work either. It had the same info that 1125 had even though I had mentioned clearly that I wanted more than 2 years of my driving history. In California dmv, they showed me the law which came in March that driving record will appear from last renewal. Im off by 2 months due to this.

I have a drivers license that was renewed more than two years ago. Does the license office in Canada require a residence proof as well? We are planning to stay at my cousin’s place for the first few weeks until we find an apartment. So would canadian dmv exchange our license? I have a bank account statement that we opened during soft landing and that has my cousin’s address.

You dont need residence proof. You just have you type in address. You can show bank statement if you want but they wouldn’t ask you

Hi, I have an expired US drivers license and a driving record of 2+ years. Can i exchange that with the Canadian license or would they need a non-expired US license only?
Thanks in advance.

Hi there, same situation here. The Driver’s record i got from DMV california doesn’t state the “original license issued date”. It just states the issue date as renewal date which is less than 2 years. Can you please share your experience of exchanging the California DL with Ontario DL? How did you prove your driving experience (2yrs+) in this scenario? I have both my old and new california driving license, Also i can get the insurance history, i am not sure if that would help. Please share your experience ?

please search this forum for my posts, and many others have posted the same.

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