Can a high profile lawyer join this community?

Hi @avj,
I joined a whats app group call November 2018 AoR and we have a high profile lawyer in that group. He works with some of the big players, international law firms who deal with big business immigration issues. He works for the Ontario Ministry of Attorney General. He clarifies queries related to immigration and also suggests people on how to proceed if they have any issues arising in their applications due to their personal circumstances. Not only that but he even manages immitracker and all such what’s app groups.
Now my question is, can we have him in this community without having to pay even a penny? He is a PR in Canada. He is always a helpful guy and clears our queries or issues with clarity.

I did not ask him yet, whether he would oblige to join this community or not. I thought I will ask him after talking to u

Hi @avj and @canadadreams

Could someone please send me the WhatsApp group link. I am interested to join the calls or messages regarding the PR.


Here u go…

Thanks @canadadreams

Hi @canadadreams, I see that MovNorth has an immigration expert but he does not consult for free so this does sound like a good idea.

Either way, you should be addressing @vik regarding this since he owns MovNorth. Send him a direct message and details of the attorney. If he agrees, you can check with the attorney about joining the forum. It would be a great help!

Oh sure thnx ya

Not at the moment. I got a lot of requests of this nature but I’m inclined to keep this a non commercial community as it keeps the quality of content higher.