Can I apply SIN without PR card?

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I have completed my landing Feb 2020 by traveling from Seattle to Vancouver. I couldn’t apply for SIN as service centers were closed and I returned to USA.

Can I apply SIN online without PR card?


For online SIN application you would need to provide your passport, COPR and a Canadian proof of address (bank statement, Provincial ID etc). I’m not 100 Percent sure what is the requirement if you’re applying from outside Canada

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You can apply for SIN online now. Recommended documents:
To apply online you will need to upload copies of at least 3 different documents:

  1. a valid primary document that proves your identity and legal status in Canada, and
  2. a valid secondary document to confirm your identity, and
  3. a proof of address

They will send the SIN to your address by mail in a few weeks. Note that you can open a bank account with passport and CoPR (SIN not required) and use that bank statement as proof of address + residency etc.

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Can we give Usa address and phone number to get the Sin numbe?

Kindly, advise.


I think you need to give canadian address. I could be wrong, but I remember reading this somewhere.

Not sure about that. Might as well send it to a trusted friend here and have them mail it to you. I believe now the ServiceCanada offices have opened up again for in-person.

Thank you AVJ.

I have applied SIN from USA and has received as well.

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Hi, how did you that , they ask for bank account , proof of lease ? What did you provide ? How long the PR card processing take nowadays , anybody knows?


If we’re are discussing about SIN then below are the documents required and applied from Usa.

  1. Passport
  2. Copr
  3. DL
  4. Bank statements

I have applied PR card last month (Soft landing) and waiting for the PR card.


Is SIN and bank account mandatory to apply when i do soft landing? i am planning to land through road and i heard we cannot apply for SIN on a weekend? can someone please provide advice


Did you provide your US bank’s statement? And a US driver’s license?

I also want to apply for SIN from the US, but I did not do soft-landing yet.


You need to do soft landing before applying SIN