Can I do Soft Landing with CoPR exipring in June ? Or Wait?

Hello, our family have received COPR early this year and our CoPR expires in June 2021. We are currently in California US. We are planning to do soft landing before our CoPR expires but according to the guideline, we cannot travel now. Has anyone have any idea if we can do landing now before our CoPR expires? Or Shall we wait until we can email from the government “R u ready to travel?!” If so, any idea when we will get that email?

Thank you so much for the comments in advance

You should read the other threads on this forum and multiple people have completed their soft landing in the recent months, not a single case of anyone being denied a landing has been reported, neither here nor on any other forums. As to when you should land, that’s really your personal choice, it’s hard to provide any recommendations that are counter to the position that IRCC advertises.

That said, my $0.02 worth of advice is that it’s better to be a Canadian Permanent Resident than to not be a Canadian Permanent Resident.