Can I join a job with work permit and then use that offer to get Express entry points

Hi All,
I am working in a company in the USA. My company has an office in Toronto. My current visa L1-B will be maxed out in September end, 2021. My company is willing to transfer me to Toronto and I am exploring an option to move there for good.

If I convince my company to get an LMIA for the position, I would like to use those points to qualify for the Express entry PR program. My CRS score without a job offer will be around 422. Having a job offer will change it to 472 and that might work for me.

Before I push my employed to start the process and file LMIA as well, I want to understand the below information,

  1. Can I start working in the Toronto office with the job offer and a work permit and then apply for the PR claiming the same job offer points?
  2. How long does it take for the PR process to complete after I submit the application with a Job offer?
  3. How long does it take to prepare the PR application ( in general) if I am doing it myself. Or if I take help from some immigration attorney in Canada?

Dear community members,
Can you please share your feedback on my situation? Anyone else has done something similar?

If any of you have any contacts of immigration consultants in Canada, Please share with me.

I think same company job internal transfer comes under LMAI exempt and you cannot use for PR points…

But even then you should accept the work permit and move to Toronto as you can apply for PR after 1 year work experience or better after 2 year work experience in Canada… as you get extra points for Canadian experience…

but yeah you can confirm again with some expert if just a job offer can give you points even in beginning… (personally i don’t think if its same company)

thanks @srhere

I’m moving to Toronto with the same option from my company in Chicago. It’s Intra Company Transfer (ICT) which is LMIA exempt. And I explored the option to add these points to apply for PR, but unfortunately it’s not accepted as Job offer without LMIA and we need to wait until a year to get the points for Canadian Experience.

I’m still doing my research, will let you know if I find anything else.

Thanks @Jose Did you ask your company to apply for LMIA so that you can use those points?

The process for ICT doesn’t include LMIA. If we want to go the LMIA route, it would be like resigning here and joining as a new employee in Canada office. They need to file it as a new work permit application which they don’t do it (atleast in my company). And the process with LMIA takes a quite a long time, especially with Covid.

got it. Yeah, I have heard others also mentioning that their company did not agree on LMIA filing for ICT. I will try my luck anyway.
You are right about the Canadian experience. 1 year of work experience is ~50 points that is the same as the job offer.


Unfortunately need to wait 1yr to claim points.